SailSim v1.90

Here you shall find information about latest updates for the simulator and more details about what has been done.
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SailSim v1.90

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Finally the latest version was released with a new set of maps and functions.

Took me forever to figure out how to properly manage the Jib as its a non rigid object and having it work properly was a challenge. Its still not perfect but it is a good base for future improvements.

I also took the time and invested in lots of nice props and environmental objects to make the maps look more pleasing to the eye. I could probably sit for hours just playing around with shrubs and palm trees :)

I still remain amazed at how much a smartphone which is not even the top of the line can handle as far as graphics go. I was skeptical about the amount of detail on the maps but it seems i have lots more room to make the maps look better without worrying too much about performance. If you do see a large hit in performance on your platform, let me know and ill optimize it even more.

As many requested, i lifted some restrictions to the free features of the simulator. Main sailing features for all boats besides the Demo Laser are locked but you can now motor sailing vessels and move around as well as explore the maps.

As always there is lots more to do but were getting there :D
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